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LB 2302

Double Cup

Super performance


Lavazza BLUE presents
LB 2302 Double Cup
A water tank that holds enough for 100 espressos, an advanced motor. Pininfarina design.

Lavazza’s latest innovation in the world of espresso. Designed by Pininfarina, the LB 2302 is perfect for office, business and small community use.

The LB 2302 can be programmed to give a short, regular or long espresso.

Technical features
power supply 230 V; 50 Hz
nominal power 1600 W
material ABS
water tank capacity 4 litres (fitting for BRITA INTENSA filter)
water tank level control via capacitive sensor
functions exclusively with Lavazza BLUE capsules
manual loading of the capsule
coffee button starts programmed and manual dispensing
automatic ejection of used capsules into the drawer
drawer holds up to 20 used capsules
electronically controlled capsule containing capacity of the used capsule drawer
double cup-support rack for placing large cups, with folding upper rack
graphic display with capacitive touch keyboard
pixel display 128x64
language button languages available: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian
ability to program the number of drinks dispensed
electronic counter
electronically controlled water temperature
quick access to the dispenser spout group via lockable door
vertical mechanical extraction/spout group, extractable and washable
rinse activated directly via button on the front panel
water softening, stand-by, and spout group washing are all managed from the user menu
ability to configure dosing, pre-infusion time, temperature and water hardness
model can be connected to the water mains on request
width cm 32,7
height cm 39,1
depth cm 47,3
weight kg 10,5