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The chefs who have chosen Lavazza for their restaurants

Moreno Cedroni is one of the world’s most creative chefs. After opening his own restaurant, in 1992 he learned from the experiences of Ferran Adrià, who gave him a new insight into the preparation and decoration of food. That marked the beginning of his ascent into the élite of haute cuisine. Cedroni now runs the famous restaurant La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia, the Clandestino Sushi Bar in Portonovo, and the first raw fish bar Anikò. He has also opened a branch of Clandestino in Milan.

Discover the Moreno Cedroni’s restaurant:
Madonnina del Pescatore
Via Lungomare Italia, 11
Marzocca di Senigallia (AN)
Ph. +39 071 698267

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