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Bergeggi (SV) - Chef Chef Claudio Pasquarelli

This is a magical place, a miniature gem set into the rock face. It is however surprisingly spacious and welcoming, with a magnificent terrace overlooking the sea. The restaurant draws on Liguria’s incredible resources to offer diners an unforgettable experience, validated by its prestigious Michelin star. The experience also extends to the kitchen, where the flavours and colours of the region provide a stunning backdrop for creations made from fish and fine seafood such as lobster, crayfish and the exquisite prawns of Oneglia. Dinner at this restaurant is an exclusive voyage into the flavours of Liguria, ending, of course, with a Lavazza coffee.

Claudio Hotel Ristorante Residence
Via XXV Aprile, 37
Bergeggi (SV)
Ph. 019 859750

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