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VINTAGE 1997 - Torino

Chef Pierluigi Consonni

Dark wood, lavish furnishings and a prestigious Michelin star. The Vintage 1997 is a shrine to haute cuisine in a sombre, upmarket district of Turin. The restaurant avoids anything that smacks of trendiness in favour of a hospitable, timeless atmosphere with impeccable service. Led by Umberto Chiodi Latini and Pierluigi Consonni, the kitchen serves up robust but refined dishes, elegantly put together. The menus range from the traditional to meat dishes and excellent fish. The wine list is stunning, with a predilection for Champagne, Barolo and Barbaresco. Lavazza coffee adds an authentic touch of elegance to the end of the meal.

Vintage 1997
Piazza Solferino, 16 H
Turin (TO)
Ph. 011 535948

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