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The dedicated Espresso School division of the Lavazza Training Center organises courses for baristas, restaurant staff, sales reps, distributors, new recruits, consumers, journalists and opinion leaders.

The training programme covers specific courses on coffee, during which students are taught how to prepare a perfect espresso, a latte art or a cappuccino art, and recognise the sensory characteristics of products. There are also managerial courses about marketing, visual merchandising and café management.

The Training Center is active in the following areas, thanks to the team of experts who provide their specific expertise on all the main aspects of the coffee culture:

  • Botany: coffee, from the plant to the cup 
  • Preparation: coffee extraction systems, Espresso and Cappuccino 
  • The equipment for espresso coffee: how to use espresso machines and grinder/dosers 
  • Innovation and creativity: espresso-based recipes 
  • Sensory analysis: tasting of origins and blends 
  • Processing cycle and production process: from green coffee to delivery of the finished product.

The Training Center also organises conventions open to high schools and universities (mainly scientific and technical disciplines), as well as cultural associations, to disseminate the knowledge of the world of coffee and the main characteristics of the company.