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About 400 years after coffee arrived in Europe, Lavazza decided to celebrate the origins and history of this unique beverage. The result was Coffee Roots, a journey that traces the origins of coffee, the magic bean, now known and loved worldwide as espresso, as it made its way towards the Western world.

The project, which also became a book written by the “gastronomad” journalist Vittorio Castellani (alias Chef Kumalè), explores the thousand ways in which coffee has been adapted to suit the tastes and habits of the many different people who drink it every day.

Although today, thanks to its worldwide popularity, espresso can be considered “the universal language of coffee shared across the five continents, it is important to remember that each country has its own “local dialects” that still exist today: the rituals, ceremonies, habits and ways of drinking coffee that are associated with individual traditions” (Chef Kumalè).