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Celebrating our 120th anniversary with Alberto Burri

Art, photography, design. The expressive power of these disciplines has always exerted a strong appeal for Lavazza, which over the years has recognised and lauded the importance of artists belonging to the artistic heritage of Italy and overseas, becoming a byword not only for coffee but also for art.

This year Lavazza is proud to be the main partner of the retrospective monograph mounted in honour of Alberto Burri at the Solomon Guggenheim in New York, entitled “Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting”.

A unique occasion for showing the public the works of the pioneer of Modernism, whose career veered from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

“This passion still lives on in our DNA today.”
(Quote by Lavazza family)

Burri’s irreverent and provocative canvases will occupy all six galleries of the NY Guggenheim’s spiral stairwell, recreating a spellbinding journey through the artist’s life.

The trauma, the wound that Alberto Burri expresses in his works, is a subject that Lavazza wanted to support so that people could rediscover another tormented period in Italy’s contemporary history, tackled with determination and originality.

“From the ashes of the Second World War, Alberto Burri overcame defeat and suffering thanks to an iron will, his determination and originality, using materials such as jute sacks and charred wood, and succeeded in guiding a new generation of Italian artists.”

The same will can be found in the Lavazza family. It is no coincidence that 1915, the year Alberto Burri was born, is also the year when Lavazza opened its historic Turin headquarters, despite Italy’s entry into war.

Lavazza’s presence at an overseas event once again takes us into a world where there’s more to taste in a cup of coffee.