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Breakfast with the food bloggers at the Training Center

From 9 to11 a.m. every morning during the Salone del Gusto, the food bloggers quite literally put themselves to the test with the professional machines in the Lavazza Training Center.


Under the watchful eye of the Lavazza trainers they learned how to make the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte. Equipped only with an apron and willingness to learn, they showed what they were made of, amid foams and siphons.

What the food bloggers said ...

“It’s been a very rewarding experience. What struck me was the wonderful presentation: the theory of coffee (including the classroom session) and the experience of making coffee on a real coffee machine. Not to mention the friendly atmosphere that pervaded the whole experience." www.mogliedaunavita.it/blog

"Making coffee was an important experience. Watching it being made, it seemed so easy, but getting such a dense milk froth wasn’t easy at all. Well done to the Lavazza team and chapeau for their design." www.spizzicainsalento.com

"At last, I know how to make a cappuccino. At the third attempt it wasn’t just acceptable, it also looked nice." www.foodandcrafts.it

"I loved the food design part, and seeing the Training Center at first hand was very interesting. Just to think that this kind of research centre for coffee and food design exists ... and it’s all in Italy!!!"!!!" www.nelpaesedellestoviglie.com

"Visiting the Lavazza Training Center helped me realise how a daily routine you normally do while distracted is actually made up of a lot of little steps that make all the difference." gustorie.blogspot.it

"Very interesting, it’ll change the way I order coffee. I’ll be much more demanding now I’ve finally understood all the work and experience that goes into it." duecoccinelleincucina.blogspot.it

"Really innovative creations: I’ve even learned to make cappuccino. I enjoyed a coffee like they make it in Naples, but I was in Turin." www.isaporidelmediterraneo.it

"After this experience I now know I'm a useless barista. I’ll certainly never be able to run a bar, but I’m an excellent consumer." perunpugnodicapperi.blogspot.it

"It’s a real pleasure to see a company full of young people who want to work and innovate — but have fun as well. We were put at our ease, made to feel at home and learned a huge amount about coffee. I’ve certainly never drunk so much of it in such a short time!" www.lamoraromagnola.it

"I didn’t expect to see so much innovation and experimentation with coffee. I think we can now associate the word ‘gastronomy’ with coffee, because what we saw were real recipes." www.alemanjaretti.org

A great experience and very exciting” food4thght.com

"The coffee caviar was spectacular, and the test-tube of Cremaciock was delicious… chocolate always brings out the best in coffee." giardinociliegi.blogspot.it

"For me it was paradise! The tasting sessions were spectacular. The coffee lover’s heaven!" eccomimi.blogspot.co.uk

"It was interesting to see the practical side of cappuccino and espresso preparation, and to realise that it’s not actually as simple as it looks in the café." 

"A young team that conveys enthusiasm. I discovered a new world of research and a company that’s continuing to develop in its market while trying to satisfy a public made up of creatures of habit as well as connoisseurs.”


"Very interesting to learn these special techniques that you normally wouldn’t learn anywhere else. And then ... getting to taste what I made..." 

"I’m not a great expert on coffee, but now I know how hard it is to make a really good one. This experience has opened my mind, and I’ve realised how you can make wonderful desserts starting just with coffee. A fantastic experience!" www.arricciaspiccia-emanuela.blogspot.com

"I liked the friendly, informal approach and the way coffee was presented in its many forms. The presentation of all the various coffee-based products was really interesting. www.cookandthecity.it

"Fascinating to discover this world" www.cookingplanner.it

"An enjoyable, interesting and constructive experience. A sociable, café-style environment." blog.giallozafferano.it/ribbincucina

"I loved it, it was interactive so we could have a go ourselves. They also conveyed their passion for coffee" gattoghiotto.blogspot.it

My mum has run a bar for 20 years, and I’d never made the coffee! Now I’ve learned how to do it but I won’t tell her, otherwise she’ll make me work behind the bar” blog.giallozafferano.it/timoemaggiorana