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Continuous improvement

Document Objectives

Our business has grown tremendously in the last years. Sixth in global coffee ranking, Lavazza reaffirms itself as a global company, with more than 50% of its revenues deriving from exports.

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We are a leading international Group, engaging consistently in offering the same quality and excellence that distinguished us for 120 years.

We want to keep on growing without losing sight 
of who we are and where we come from, the values 
in which our business is rooted and the respect for our people, whose hard work and skills allow us to aim for and reach ambitious goals. At the beginning of 2017 we moved to the new Headquarters, which are just a short walk from the places where the Company was born in Torino, 
a city of innovation and change.

This relocation will represent an opportunity to give a boost towards a more sustainable, integrated and innovative management of our Company. The new Headquarters will be in fact characterized by a more efficient management of energy consumption, lower use
 of paper, more flexibility in the organization of
 space. Moreover, digital technologies will favour an increasingly cooperative spirit, as well as an effective communication within the Company and with our stakeholders.


Sustainability represents for us a reality and an opportunity, and the new Headquarters is 
a concrete example of this approach.

This Report tells the story of what has proven to be 
an extraordinary year for Sustainability, a story that kicks off with a series of special events held over the course of 2015 – Lavazza was in fact selected Official Coffee of the Italian Pavilion at the 2015 Universal Exposition and presented its first Sustainability Report, as well as its compostable capsule. Moreover, Lavazza pushed innovation further through the launch of the first espresso in outer space, while supporting culture thanks to the partnerships with the New
 York Guggenheim Museum and the Venetian Civic Museums. Promoting international sport events, through partnership with the 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments was also an important point on the Company’s agenda. A special year characterised, above all, by one of the pillars of our entrepreneurial vision: the attention and care we devote to our people.

A story made of consistency and credibility, of vision and momentum towards a future of challenges and opportunities.

Alberto Lavazza

President of Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

Sustainability is a topic that we all must take into consideration. Today, as ever more in the future, it will be an essential element of business.

A challenge that we at Lavazza face every day, making our best effort to offer our consumers Quality 
at all levels. In fact, we are aware that our consumers are not the same as ten years ago and that they are becoming increasingly conscious of all aspects concerning product quality and value, including Company sustainability, both in terms of product and production process.

Thanks to a targeted growth policy on key markets and strategic acquisitions, Lavazza confirms itself as a global leader. Our goal is to continue in this direction by leveraging our values, tradition, quality and our ability to continuously innovate. In other words, leveraging on what makes Lavazza unique. We are convinced that combining innovation and sustainability is the key to success. Thus, we have more than doubled investments in research and development in the last four years.

We believe in the importance of spreading our coffee culture and the excellence of our authentic Italian brand worldwide.

By the same token, cooperation with farmers, in order to increase their know-how,
 is crucial for Lavazza. We do that by providing farmers with appropriate tools and technologies to address climate change and minimise the environmental impact of their activities while supporting farming methods improvement.

Global markets require us to grow. We aim to build 
on what made us one of the most credible brands abroad: our values and identity. A vision that combines tradition and innovation and, above all, respect for our collaborators and consumers worldwide.

Antonio Baravalle

Chief Executive Officer of Luigi Lavazza S.p.A