It all began when Luigi Lavazza opened the first Lavazza store in via San Tommaso, Turin in 1895. We imagine him surrounded by sacks of coffee of different origins that he used to create the blends.

Luigi Lavazza was a man of much initiative, inventiveness and passion for his work. He discovered the different origins and characteristics of the plant, the coffee, and studied the art of blending to satisfy the tastes of his customers. This was how the blends were born.


After his trip to Brazil, he was able to see the potential of the beverage in an era of great change. The Lavazza coffees that we drink today are the result of his idea of combining coffees from different parts of the world.


The store moved into new and larger premises in via San Tommaso 10, where the shelves were stocked with everyday foods and products. Business flourished and price lists were sent through the post.

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