Growing up - from a shop to a small business. During the early post-war years, there was a boom in Turin: Fiat began making cars at the Lingotto factory and the Lavazza shop grew into a small company.

Luigi Lavazza SpA was founded in 1927, in Corso Giulio Cesare 65. The company comprised Luigi Lavazza, his wife Emilia and his children Maria, Mario and Giuseppe, known as Beppe. They formed the Luigi Lavazza company, with capital of Lire 1.5 million. From these beginnings, the conquest of the province began with a fleet of vehicles and a sales network. It gives us great pleasure to highlight the important roles the two women - Emilia and Maria played, amid the total of five founding members.


It was during these years that Lavazza implemented Pergamin: packaging comprising two layers of paper that retains all the flavour of coffee. This enabled families to buy larger quantities of their coffee blend, and store it for several days at home. It was the first step towards the Lavazza packaging that we still see today in the stores.


The company name - Luigi Lavazza - appears in the booklet for the “Concorso del Leone” figurine collection (1937), alongside those of other companies also involved in the initiative.

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