This is a commitment that our company has always held dear. We pledge to uphold and renew the work on social responsibility projects that the Lavazza family has always done privately.

The Giuseppe e Pericles Lavazza Foundation - an NPO with the mission of improving living conditions in coffee-producing countries - was founded in 2004.


The ¡Tierra! blend, the heart of the company's sustainability commitment, was launched in 2004 and continues today. Through this important initiative, Lavazza gradually improved the living conditions of over 3,000 farmers in eight countries, encouraging economic growth, increasing their standard of living and introducing new and more sustainable and profitable agricultural techniques.


Steve McCurry carried out a photographic reportage on the project ¡Tierra!, a sustainability initiative that aims to promote the social development and economic growth of small-scale communities. It started in Honduras, Colombia and Peru, and has now spread to six countries.

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