The Lavazza Training Centre, the largest coffee study centre, was chosen to host the second “Umami Train the Trainers Camp” in Turin from June 26th to 30th. At this high profile, international coffee training event, the Umami Area runs refresher courses for authorised trainers of the Specialty Coffee Association. It is an event of fundamental importance to promote and protect the culture of quality coffee and to study the SCA Coffee Diploma System modules, especially Barista Skills, Brewing, Sensory Skills and Coffee Roasting.



Umami Area is the only Italian location of an international calibre to provide training on quality coffee. It runs the 5-day coffee training course at the Lavazza Training Centre headquarters, a unique building with avant-garde laboratories and equipment, to guarantee high-level and specialised teaching. The event is for teachers, professionals and experts in the field, offering them a path of professional growth of the highest profile. Attendees will obtain a certificate of participation and a pass in the practical sensory tests issued by Umami Area. During the initiative, the coffee trainers course focuses on the “Barista Skills” module in the SCA Coffee Diploma System, the most complete educational system for coffee designed to meet the different requirements of professionals.



International experts in the sector, led by coffee expert Dr Andrej Godina, PhD in Science, Technology and Economics in the coffee industry, offer participants a complete, 360° training course. Designed for every level of competence, they will deepen their knowledge in all the aspects of the preparation of espresso, from the bean to the cup, answering any questions that professionals face in their daily work tasks.



The varied and full programme starts on Monday 26th June, exploring coffee plantation management, botany and coffee farming. In this context, we will also talk about the activities of Fondazione Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza, a non-profit organisation which, since 2002, in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance, has been promoting the ¡Tierra! sustainability project to improve the living conditions of coffee-growing communities.



The chemistry of water and its influence on espresso, the chemistry of roasting and the chemical/physical changes of the bean, a new definition of espresso: these are the central themes on the campus. There will be tastings, sensory analysis, insights on raw materials, work tools, roasting, extraction techniques and communication to promote the product.



By offering the highest level of training at Lavazza’s headquarters in Turin, the Lavazza Training Centre is increasingly the institutional reference point for coffee culture for sector specialists. In 1979, Lavazza was the first company to create an institution entirely dedicated to training, a genuine coffee school that is now a worldwide network with over 50 locations in five continents, and which trains roughly 30,000 people a year. The aim is to spread the areas of expertise associated with coffee, to maintain the quality standard of the product at an excellent level, both in terms of preparation and consumption. The trainers at the Lavazza Training Centre are specialised professionals who are constantly updating their skills, and who are on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) course that will soon enable them to become AST (Authorised Trainers SCA).