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Lavazza's Turin training center named a “premier training campus” by the specialty coffee association

22-12-2018 • Events and sponsorship

The Lavazza Training Center — the largest coffee study center both in Italy and worldwide, a sign of Lavazza’s global commitment to providing training and spreading a culture of coffee quality — has been awarded official Premier Training Campus certification by the SCA - Specialty Coffee Association, the world’s most authoritative association dedicated to promoting excellence in coffee industry.



The Lavazza Training Center in Turin, at the Lavazza Innovation Center, has thus become an official SCA Training Center, where coffee professionals can attend all courses organized by non-profit organisation which represents thousands of coffee specialists from all around the world, from growers to baristas.


This important new milestone represents the facility’s authoritative confirmation of excellence and its staff’s high level of professionalism, recognized by coffee experts from around the world as a bastion of coffee knowledge. The Training Center’s team currently consists of five trainers (Alessandro Cocco, Francesco Viarizzo, Fabio Sipione, Andrea Da Ros and Luciano Di Mauro) who have completed the SCA training process and have been certified as ASTs (Authorised SCA Trainers).



From march 2018 Lavazza will have its own dedicated “Q-Grader” tasting room where it will be possible to be certified as a green coffee taster by SCA.



The main objective of the Training Center is to promote knowledge of the multi-faceted world of coffee, to maintain high-quality product standards,” explained Marcello Arcangeli, Head of Lavazza Training Center. “Given our expertise in training, we have been collaborating with academic institutions on a number of prestigious projects for many years. SCA certification is acknowledgement of Lavazza’s commitment of nearly 40 years, and our goal for the future is to obtain this certification for all of our other Training Centers throughout the world.


n 1979, Lavazza became the first company to create an organization dedicated solely to training, a fully-fledged coffee academy that was developed first in Europe and then around the world, expanding to over 55 locations on five continents and creating the world’s largest coffee training network, where nearly 30,000 people receive training each year. Indeed, for nearly 30 years, the Lavazza Training Center has been involved in taste training and education, spreading coffee culture, aiding professionals, testing new combinations and encouraging end customers to demand espresso of increasingly higher quality. It may rightly be considered a coffee university, with a complete syllabus, capable of providing deep, broad knowledge: from plant to cup, including botany, production processes, espresso equipment and preparation methods. The facility can organize specific series of lessons custom-tailored to the different learning needs of all types of trainees, from baristas to sales personnel, distributors, new recruits, consumers, journalists, opinion leaders and coffee lovers. By constantly pursuing innovation and creativity, the Training Center also benefits from the enormous wealth of knowledge that only a brand like Lavazza — with its over 100 years of coffee experience — can claim. In addition, through Lavazza and its Training Center, the greatest and most renowned chefs at the international level have focused their creative efforts on coffee, exploring novel, innovative shapes and forms for the product.


About Lavazza Group


Established in 1895 in Turin, the Italian roaster has been owned by the Lavazza family for four generations. Among the world’s most important roasters, the Group currently operates in more than 90 countries through subsidiaries and distributors, exporting 60% of its production. Lavazza employs a total of about 3,000 people with a turnover of more than €1.9 billion in 2016. Lavazza invented the concept of blending — or in other words the art of combining different types of coffee from different geographical areas — in its early years and this continues to be a distinctive feature of most of its products.


The company also has over 25 years’ experience in production and sale of portioned coffee systems and products. It was the first Italian business to offer capsule espresso systems.

Lavazza operates in all business segments: at home, away-from-home and office coffee service, always with a focus on innovation in consumption technologies and systems. Lavazza has been able to develop its brand awareness through important partnerships perfectly in tune with its brand internationalization strategy, such as those in the world of sport with the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and those in fields of art and culture with prestigious museums like New York’s Guggenheim Museum, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice, and The Hermitage State Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.


As the company continues on a strategic globalization path, the Lavazza Group has acquired local jewels in key markets such as France’s Carte Noire (2015), Denmark’s Merrild (2015) and North America’s Kicking Horse Coffee (2017). Additionally, in 2017 the Group amplified its distribution reach with the acquisition of France’s Espresso Service Proximité and Italy’s Nims.