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Nuvola Lavazza The new Corporate Management Centre is smart, innovative and sustainable

05-06-2017 • Corporate

Turin, May 2017 – everything is ready: people are moving into Nuvola and over 600 employees are breathing life into the new Lavazza head office in via Bologna 32. The new offices, based the design by architect Cino Zucchi, represent the heart of a multi-functional block of approx. 18,500m2 that will give a smart new face to the Borgata Aurora district.



“There is real enthusiasm for the relocation to the Nuvola Lavazza building. The fourth generation of the family was the driving force behind the project to create Lavazza’s new calling card to the world. The head office is the synthesis of how we see a contemporary enterprise, namely a manifesto charting the many stages in our history - past, present and future - in a language consisting of harmonious and coherent transitions. It’s not just a moving of desks, but an acceleration towards an even more integrated dimension, more challenging and more people-centred: a stimulating, comfortable, and technologically advanced workplace, where people can work together and closer connections forged between the Turin head office and the 90 or more countries in which the company operates,” says Giuseppe Lavazza, the company Vice President.

The Nuvola building is now ready to welcome the great family of Lavazza employees. Functional areas have been designed in collaboration with work teams in a smart working environment with innovative furnishings to facilitate sharing and efficiency and to provide comfort and wellbeing. Over 90% of the space is open, offering break-out meeting areas and meeting rooms with the latest technology to easily connect with colleagues overseas: everything in the Lavazza Nuvola building promotes creativity and collaboration, both real and virtual.



The move from the historical buildings of Corso Novara and via Tollegno was organised by Lavazza from a sustainable perspective, taking into account the needs of the area. The company canteen, furnishings, stationery, computers and the technological equipment were refurbished with a great deal of intelligent design to minimise the environmental impact: roughly three thousand items were donated to external bodies, including schools and hospitals. For example, the Cottolengo Foundation received the company canteen that will be used to support social welfare activities, parishes, charitable associations, civil protection and the fire brigade in the airport of Caselle Torinese. Moreover, before the move, all employees had the opportunity of buying, at a token price, any objects and furnishings they were interested in, and the proceeds donated to institutions selected by the employees themselves over the coming months.



The relocation to the Lavazza Nuvola also facilitates some personal “sustainable mobility” choices. Employees can, for example, subscribe or renew annual passes for public transport at a reduced cost; take advantage of car-pooling facilities, i.e. the sharing of private cars between a group of employees, with incentives for the best efforts; they can benefit from a business gym with an individual activity programme, a relaxation area and an innovative dining space and bistro that will open soon, available to all Lavazza employees, but also to the public, with three different dining areas dedicated to street food, traditional Italian cuisine and a grassy area. The menus have been devised to consider food quality and nutritional balance, in collaboration with Slow Food.



This is the first important step of the entire Nuvola system, which will see the opening of the Lavazza Museum de La Centrale in early 2018, which will accommodate the gourmet restaurant Condividere by Lavazza, created with Ferran Adrià, scenography by Dante Ferretti, and cuisine by Federico Zanasi. There will be an event space accommodating up to 1,000 people, for exhibitions, concerts and temporary exhibitions. In addition to the Institute of Applied Art of Design - which opened in 2013 and is animated by more than 500 Italian and international creative professionals and artists - the complex will also have public parking spaces, a garden courtyard and an archaeological zone featuring the remains of an early Christian Basilica from the 4-5th century AD, which was uncovered during excavation work.



“A new, comfortable, technological and attentive environment, designed for the wellbeing of all our collaborators: Lavazza Nuvola is all of these, and we believe it can represent an added value not only for people at Lavazza, but for the whole city. Renovating buildings of historical and architectural value in a disused industrial area, but one which is strategically placed in Turin, our home for over 120 years, all emphasise the importance of this area in our company’s history,” says Marco Lavazza, Vice President. “The sustainable soul of the new Lavazza headquarters emerged from the design stage, with the application for LEED GOLD certification, and is also expressed in measures introduced specifically for our employees, for example through advanced mobility solutions or the idea of generating value by donating furniture and furnishings to worthy causes. Lavazza Nuvola was born and developed not only to improve working methods, but also the quality of life of all of those working with us who, thanks to the technological innovation of the structure, will now experience a greater working flexibility for a more harmonious balance between private and professional life.”



The new headquarters is a candidate for LEED® GOLD level certification. LEED®, an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the world's most widely recognized certification of the energy and environmental performance of buildings. It is a voluntary measuring system, designed to evaluate both new and existing commercial, tertiary and residential buildings. The new Corporate Management Centre has adhered to the stipulations of the LEED® protocol, from selection of the site through design, execution (which recovered 80% of the rubble) and post-employment monitoring. The building was designed to maximise comfort for the people at Lavazza, to save energy and reduce the consumption of drinking water.



Lavazza has also worked to achieve a paperless environment, raising employee awareness of digital processes and the responsible use of printers, disposing and recycling over 45 tons of paper in the move alone by digitising our archives. The whole project was accompanied by an intense internal communication strategy, which started last year to inform and update employees during the run-up to the move to the Lavazza Nuvola building, also helped by internal ambassadors who facilitated the dialogue and identified the best solutions to make the entry into the new Lavazza Head Office even more efficient.