The Garden-Piazza
The spaces open to the public by the Nuvola project include a large garden piazza, which encompasses two buildings to unite the historic and new buildings of the Nuvola block, creating a new pedestrian connection between via Ancona and via Bologna, along the axis previously intersected by via Parma. The atrium of the new Lavazza headquarters is a covered open space that connects the central square with access to the offices and the Lavazza Museum towards piazzale Brescia.
The seats in the square consist of long benches in Sardinian white granite that rise from the ground in sinuous lines that define the paths and create intimate places of rest near the gardens. A central fountain contributes to the micro climate, sheltered from the noise and visual clutter of the city.
A dense covering of shrubs and ground plants adorn the slightly raised surfaces of the green areas, creating large compact masses and a background of trees. The selection of the plants favoured species with dimensions and root systems that are suited to the depth of the soil, preferring specimens resistant to the most common plant adversity and covering the whole surface under the canopy of trees with shrubs and herbaceous elements to avoid large areas of lawn that require regular maintenance. The inclusion of trees and flowering shrubs, balanced between deciduous and evergreen plants guarantees constant blooms throughout the seasons, from spring to autumn. Particular attention has been paid to include fragrant species such as osmanthus, sarcococca, lilac and philadelphus.
Public parking has been created in the two basement floors below the piazza, with a separate entrance to the Lavazza car parks.