Training Centre
This is the largest centre for coffee studies on the Italian and international scene.

Thanks to the Trainer, a culture is created out of the art of coffee, creating a legacy of knowledge to be shared. This is the mission of the Lavazza Training Centre. It has the largest coffee training network, with 8 offices in Italy and 42 around the world, dedicated to catering and distribution professionals as well as to consumers and coffee lovers.

Coffee School
The Lavazza Training Centre is a veritable university of coffee: we organise training courses for baristas, catering staff, sales force teams, distributors, newly-hired staff, consumers, journalists and opinion leaders.
Coffee Experience
From plantations to coffee design, through to the art of preparing real Italian coffee; at the Training Centre you will find much more to taste than expected.
Coffee Design
Lavazza's creativity and experience become a reality through the research done by our Training Centre.
Guided Tours
Lavazza opens the doors of its prestigious Innovation Centre. Find out all the ways you can come and visit us.
Our worldwide network