Fresh and Honest

Serving the finest Indian coffee for over two decades

When coffee lovers brew coffee for you, you know you have the perfect cup in your hands. That is Fresh and Honest-pure cup of rich Indian coffee with aroma wafting through the air, inviting you to take a break from life's chaos. As you go about your daily life managing meetings, deadlines, chores and tasks, Fresh and Honest recharges you and keeps you ahead. We have perfected the art of making the finest Indian coffee over the last 2 decades. As a pioneer in Indian vending, we understand every Indian's coffee taste and make the perfect cup of freshly brewed Indian coffee. The journey of the cup of coffee that you hold begins from some of the best estates in Karnataka from where the choicest beans are picked. These cherries are then expertly blended and roasted to perfection in German facility, following highest European standards like no other coffee company in the country. And finally sophisticated European machines brew your cup of rich Fresh and Honest right in front of you. The perfect taste that you can come back to day after day.