When you choose Lavazza, it’s obvious.

The art of coffee expressed in a thousand forms

The experience of drinking coffee starts with the espresso cup and reaches its pinnacle on the palate, yet it extends to the whole environment that surrounds the client. The attention to quality and design characteristic of Lavazza is available to all types of businesses for the best enhancement of their activity and service.

Furnishing accessories, professional clothing, accessories. Unique collections that lend distinctive charm to their surroundings, creating a refined atmosphere of quality.

A whole world for each coffee
Choosing one of the Lavazza coffees means more than just a preference for one flavour on offer, it means embracing the whole of its world. A well-defined style, design and materials for service at the counter, table and interior styling.
Classic Special: special by tradition

Intense and balanced, the Lavazza “Specials” are the quintessential expression of the Italian espresso tradition. The displays and materials are a blend of reason and passion.

Classic: the sun never sets on the great classics

The essence of Made in Italy, to be savoured on the palate and with the eyes: the unmistakable aroma of the Italian espresso that has conquered the world.

¡Tierra! Certified sustainability

A collection of blends selected to offer the perfect synthesis of the finest characteristics of their lands of origin.