A cup with

Mathilde Chatellard


As soon as it’s time for a break, Mathilde Chatellard will take the chance to enjoy a refreshing Lavazza Iced Latte. After hours in the sun, in the front row at Roland-Garros, an iced drink hits the spot.

Mathilde spends many hours in the sun, just metres from the most famous tennis players in the world. Not as a member of the audience, but as a lineswoman.

It is a difficult job, which requires absolute concentration. As a true professional, Mathilde does not let herself be distracted by anything. However, sometimes it is difficult, especially when you play in the renowned central court, Court Philippe Chatrier. There, it is hard to forget that you have the eyes of millions of fans around the world.


“There are more people watching you,” says Mathilde, sipping her Iced Latte. “You know that these matches are broadcast on television. You must be much stricter with yourself.”

And right on the red clay of Philippe Chatrier something has happened that Mathilde will never forget. “Last year,” she recounts, laughing, “a player almost threw his racket at my head. During a return of service, the racket slipped from his hands and I dodged it by a hair!”

Mathilde reassures us, saying: “Afterwards, obviously, he apologised. But it wasn’t his fault, he didn’t do it on purpose.”