Innovation against climate change
The importance of field training for small producers in Vietnam.
In partnership with Olam and ISLA (Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes).
Dak Lak Province
The challenge

Coffee production has to face many challenges. Climate change ranks among the major ones, with its adverse effect on the quality and availability of the product. In Vietnam, sudden climate change – abundant out of season rainfall and periods of prolonged drought – are a real problem that impacts the production and work of 1,245 small local producers.

The objectives
Improving the efficiency of irrigation systems.

Reducing production-related gas emissions.

Creating solutions to manage climate change.

The answer

Lavazza Foundation provides technical assistance and training to small Vietnamese producers through the Farmer Field School method. Within the programme, tests are carried out on the characteristics of the soil to identify the best quality of fertilisers to be used; innovative irrigation systems are designed and shade trees planted, in order to protect the coffee from excessive exposure to the sun or sudden rain.