The new coffee territories
The Lavazza Foundation has intervened through International Coffee Partners in areas of Peru where producing coffee is still a novelty and there is still much to do.
The challenge

The regions north of Peru are relatively new areas for coffee producers.

Many farmers have settled in these areas as a result of government programmes that have encouraged the use of these lands for the cultivation of coffee.

Although this is an opportunity, it also presents several challenges due to the low level of organisation and of technical or financial support. As a result, productivity remains low, along with producers' incomes.

In addition, farmers' organisations are in turn in a situation of weakness and remoteness from the market.

The objectives
Increase the incomes of producers.

Improve the well-being within the families of coffee producers.

Support the sustainable management of natural resources.
The answer

The Lavazza Foundation has intervened through International Coffee Partners, supporting activities that strengthen the governance and management of farmers' organisations, creating transparent and well functioning structures.

The project is also aimed at creating an organisation that supports micro-financing, strategic business contacts, and is able to offer benefits to its members.