Be Responsible

Every day, tonnes of plastic waste is discarded all over the world. The impact of plastic includes environmental degradation, threat to marine and animal life, lethal effects on health and serious cause of pollution. Now, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has laid down technical options for safer disposal of plastic waste such as road laying, co-processing, etc. Owing to the detrimental impacts of plastic waste dumped into our ecosystem, government bodies, academic institutions, NGOs and corporates have begun undertaking several initiatives to curb the use of plastic as well as implement safe and eco-friendly disposal methods.


In spite of above, consumer plays an important role in the success of the recycling initiative. We can do our bit by segregating recyclable plastic and following the instructions provided by the municipality or government bodies to make the process easier and cost effective. If you live in a location where plastics are collected through a take -back program, do ensure to send your plastic waste to the nearest collection point.


The disposal guidelines for different categories of packaging material used, such as multilayer plastics, paper and PET will be updated soon in this website.