Gian Piero Vivalda

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Antica Corona Reale (Cervere). 

The small town of Cervere, a few kilometres from Fossano, has been the homeplace and workplace of the Vivalda family — now in its fifth generation — since 1815.

Born in Cuneo, Gian Piero fell in love with gastronomy thanks to the teachings of his grandfather Eugenio, who instructed his grandson in the pleasures of the table and the rules of the kitchen.

Later, he enrolled in the Catering School in Mondovì, alternating lessons with periods of working at some of the best-known skiing and seaside resorts in Italy.


After his training period, the chef took over the reins of the family business, where he became Sommelier and Dining Room Manager, but found that he missed being in the kitchen.

So it was that he left for France, where he became the student of Georges Blanc, Alain Ducasse and Alain Dutournier. It was they who moulded Gian Piero’s cuisine in a traditional vein, giving him the space to use and work with the most innovative ingredients that he had learned of during his apprenticeship.


In 2003, Vivalda received his first Michelin star, followed by a second in 2010, along with many other awards from both Italy and overseas, testaments to the goals he has achieved.    

“The most powerful emotion I have ever felt in terms of gastronomy was during an apprenticeship with Alain Ducasse, where I was working as a Commis Chef”, Vivaldi reminisces emotionally. “At the end of the experience, the chef congratulated me; it was the first time he had spoken to me, and it was also the first time that I understood the importance of kitchen work”.


Today, his kitchen is among the most renowned in the world, thanks also to his use of local ingredients such as Cherasco snails, Cervere leeks, Cuneo or Carmagnola peppers, Bianca di Saluzzo chicken, Capon roosters from Morozzo, white truffle from Alba, Carrù fat ox, Peveragno strawberries, ‘tonda gentile’ hazelnuts from the Langhe area, Castelmagno cheese and so on. A hymn of praise to nature and its bounty.

Antica Corona Reale

Gian Piero Vivalda is the artist behind the dishes of the Antica Corona Reale restaurant: a place where seasonal ingredients are eternally balanced between respect for tradition and a penchant for reinterpretation. The Michelin-starred chef loves to add gastronomic delights from other regions to the prestigious products of Piedmont and Cuneo.

Via Fossano, 13
Cervere, Cuneo

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