Moreno Cedroni

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La Madonnina del Pescatore (Senigallia) Clandestino Susci Bar (Portonovo) and Anikò Salumeria Ittica (Senigallia). 

Moreno Cedroni was born in Ancona in 1964.

Twenty years later, he opened the Madonnina del Pescatore, a luxury restaurant tucked away in the splendid surroundings of the region of Le Marche. He was awarded his first Michelin star in 1996, Veronelli’s ‘Sole’ prize in 1999, and three forks from Gambero Rosso in 2000.

At the very dawn of the new millennium, he opened the Clandestino Susci Bar — a point of reference for lovers of raw fish — in Portonovo bay in Ancona. A trailblazer for creativity and innovation in the restaurant world, in 2003 Cedroni created the first fish-based delicatessen: Anikò in Senigallia. At the same time he created Officina, an experimental workshop with the CE mark, where cold cuts of fish, tinned fish, preserves, jams, sauces and selected other products are produced.
In January 2004, Moreno Cedroni presented his new book, ‘Multipli di Venti’ (Multiples of Twenty), in which he tells the story of the first twenty years of his career.


In 2005 he became a Lavazza Brand Ambassador. The following year he received the high accolade of a second Michelin star for Madonnina del Pescatore.

In October 2008, he was declared the winner of Kungsfenan, the Swedish Seafood Award, for his mastery and technique in handling raw materials and his creativity and ability to combine tradition and innovation in the kitchen.
In 2011 he brought out ‘Maionese di fragole’ (Strawberry Mayonnaise) with the publishing house Mondadori,  the first book that combines story-telling with tips for teaching children about food and recipes — a mixture of invention and reinterpretation.
In 2012, the Wall Street Journal listed Madonnina del Pescatore among the ten best fish restaurants in Europe.

Cedroni’s new book, ‘Susci più che mai’ (Susci more than ever), was published by Giunti and came out in 2014. In the same year, Cedroni joined the managing board of FIPE (Italian Federation of Public Establishments), and the year after he became an Ambassador for the Expo.

In 2017 Moreno Cedroni hosted the Italian programme Top Chef along with Giuliano Baldessari, Mauro Colagreco and Annie Féolde.

Renowned as the inventor of Italian-style sushi, in February 2018 Moreno Cedroni was nominated Norwegian Stockfish ambassador by the Norwegian Seafood Council, due to his extremely profound knowledge of the fish and his innovative reinterpretation of it as an ingredient in the kitchen. 


Over the course of his career, he has participated in a great many gastronomic conventions of such calibre as Identità Golose, Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía, Gastronomika and Omnivore. He has also engaged in many collaborations and consultancy roles, including with Moschino, San Resort, Baglioni Hotels, Lavazza, San Pellegrino and McCann.

His kitchen is said to be exacting, a modern laboratory, flexible and composed, which holds firm to the principles of simplicity, fusing the classic nature of tradition to fresher elements. The menu at Madonnina del Pescatore encompasses many tones. These include a humorous tone, for example, which finds its most successful Italian expressions duly reflected in all the menus bearing the Cedroni signature.

La madonnina del pescatore

In the Madonnina del Pescatore restaurant in Senigallia, Michelin-starred chef Moreno Cedroni presides over an exacting, flexible and composed kitchen, focusing mainly on fish. Gastronomic must-haves include the sushi, the turbot cutlet, and the breakfast.

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